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After over a hundred years of war and tension, the world is finally at an age of prosperity and peace. The different races and cultures; Humans, Elves, Dwarves, The Desert Tribes, and Hobbits, have all come to a agreement of mutual peace. To honor this and the coronation of the men’s king, Tarasmir, a convention is being held in the city of Vangaurd.

To celebrate Tarasmir’s coronation, and the recent peace, each group has decided to bestow one great artifact from their lands to be kept in Vangaurd, and to be used by Tarasmir. Thus the Five Artifacts had been lain in five glass cases for the duration of the coronation. However a dark deed has taken place. The artifacts were stolen, in their place the king has put five illusions to keep from mass panic. It is now up to the group to find and recover them before the illusions fail and the public knows that not everybody wants peace, and that another war may be in the making.

After finding and losing the Staff the party finds themselves in the lost gnome city of Kalimndar, the last great city of the Gnomes. It was thought to be destroyed and thus forgotten. However as the party would soon find out the Gnomes are now ready to move back onto the surface and have taken in the party as allies. The wizard Gorgoyle has foreseen that the Drow are on the move, stirring up ancient evils and gathering allies for themselves in hopes of starting a new war.


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